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Frank Ricci is such a gifted teacher.  In class, one feels the skill and generosity in his always caring engagement with his students.  The obvious integrity of his own Iyengar yoga practice inspires me to be more committed to my own practice.  Going to Frank’s class once a week at the Prospect Park YMCA wasn’t quite enough, and I recently attended a weekend “retreat” with Frank at Yogasana.  The retreat was challenging in all the best ways; I found to my amazement that the yoga sessions (two two-hour sessions a day) flew by.  I look forward to continuing to deepen my yoga practice under Frank’s expert instruction!

-Matthew Gartner 

Dear Frank,  just wanted to thank you for an outstanding weekend workshop with you and Flo.  As a teacher myself (art, not yoga!) I was so impressed by how well thought out the entire sequence  of the weekend was.  (We call it scaffolding in edu speak, where each activity leads up to and supports the next.). You and Flo clearly put a lot of thought into it and it worked!  How else can I explain my first shoulder stand, my first head stand and my first wheel (albeit with a lot of assistance!).   The best part maybe is how great I felt the next day- worked out but energized and not sore. Thanks so much!  

-Virginia Levie 

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